I have experience with strategy, design, layout, typesetting, and print coordination, from small postcards to large catalogs, producing materials from start to finish, or coordinating with various vendors and designers throughout the process. See a few examples below.

Print Examples

"The Art of the Fang Peoples" 72-page artifact catalog"The Art of the Fang Peoples" 72-page artifact catalog

This full color 72-page perfect bound catalog was produced as a companion piece to a gallery showing of the collection and a presentation by James W. Fernandez.

UCCS Schedule of Courses cover artworkUCCS Schedule of Courses cover artwork

Cover artwork developed for the Schedule of Courses publication.

Applcation Thank You postcard"Thank you for your application" postcard

A postcard for the Office of Student Recruitment at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

SCHEC informational handout

An informational handout used as an overview of the iniative. Relies on typography to liven up what may otherwise be considered "boring statistics."

Southern Colorado Innovation Strategy bi-fold

Measures 8.5 by 11 inches when folded, this bi-fold brochure contains facts, stats, figures and information about university partnerships.

Applcation Thank You postcard Many other projects designed and coordinated

I've worked with several designers and vendors to produce a wide variety of material. Some projects require working from design brief to print-coordination and delivery, while others are collaborative projects, and some are just providing feedback and helping others adhere to brand and design guidelines.

Further Examples

Below are some examples from a few years back.

UCCS NRCUA Card Deck Ad UCCS - NRCUA Card Deck Ad

An advertisement for UCCS.

UCCS Military Magazine AdUCCS - Military Newspaper Ad

This ad was designed to fit in exactly with pre-existing advertisements, originally created by Chicago-based Lipman Hearn for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

NextStep AdUCCS - NextStep Magazine Ad

One in a series of advertisements for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs placed in NextStep Magazine.

Elision Album ArtElision Album Art

6-panel album art for a band called "Elision"

Daegu English Village PosterDGEV Opening Celebration Poster

This poster was designed for the College of Education at UCCS, to display at the Daegu English Village opening celebration. It was designed to be photo quality at 24 x 36 inches.